DPT students seeking participants for study on getting up from the floor

George Fox Doctor of Physical Therapy students are conducting a study, “A Biomechanical Analysis of the Floor Transfer in Community-Dwelling Older Adults,” with principal investigators Lyndsay Stutzenberger and Tyler Whited. We are interested in how older adults get up from the floor.

To participate in our study, you must

  • Be 50 to 80 years of age
  • Live independently or in an assisted living facility
  • Be able to walk independently at least 15 feet with or without an assistive device
  • Take a cognitive test
  • Be willing to attempt to get up from a chair and from the floor
  • Have no diagnosis of a neurological condition, current illness, or health issue that would make performing study activities unsafe.

Potential participants who meet the above criteria will come to the Medical Sciences Building on Werth Boulevard, where you will be asked to sign an informed consent form, answer questions on a questionnaire, perform a short cognitive test, and have your vitals (blood pressure and heart rate) taken. Depending on the results of these assessments, you may or may not be eligible for the study.

If eligible, you’ll be asked to participate in one testing session that takes up to one hour approximately. During testing sessions you will fill out questionnaires and be asked to attempt to stand up from a chair without using your arms and get up from the floor.

You will not be paid for being in this study or reimbursed for any costs associated with traveling to or from the George Fox campus.

You are able to stop participation in the study at any time and for any reason. No information that would identify you will be made public, and we do not feel there is more than minimal risk associated with this study.

If interested in participating, schedule an appointment for testing by calling 503-554-2463 or emailing Lyndsay Stutzenberger at lstutzenberger@georgefox.edu.

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