Maker Hub’s ‘Tool Tip Friday’: Bead Roller

Did you know that the Maker Hub has a bead roller?

The Maker Hub’s Mittler Brothers Bead Roller is located in the Machine Shop and is used for forming and reinforcing sheet metal. This machine works best when operated by two people, one person to turn the handle and another to guide the metal. It works by placing metal between the rollers (dies). The material is then formed to give extra strength and rigidity.

The bead roller can also be used to create artistic patterns on sheet metal. There are many different types of rollers to use, and they can be changed out depending on the needed application. Check out this video to see how it works!

The Maker Hub exists as a resource and creative outlet for the entire George Fox community (yes, including non-engineers!). We are looking for student aces. A student ace is simply an expert on a piece of equipment who helps train other students on the usage of that equipment and gains extra privileges within the Maker Hub.

Please email if you would like to get connected or have any questions.

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