Join Zoom seminar on suicide prevention Oct. 3-4

Join us on Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 3-4, for the Interprofessional Primary Care Institute’s Strengthening Team™ Ethics & Legal Considerations Suicide Prevention two-day event.

Day 1: We will explore safety, security, risk and common ethical and legal concerns in healthcare practice, followed by applying these concepts to emerging roles in primary care (behavioral health clinicians and culturally responsive community health workers). We will share experiences of power differentials in high-quality primary care early adopters.

Day 2: Kent Corso, PsyD, will present “Proactive Reduction of Suicide in Populations via Evidence-Based Research.” After that, we will discuss suicide in healthcare workers, as well as a system-wide approach to suicide prevention in primary care sustained since 2011.

If you would like to register for the event, sign up here. Contact Tammy O’Doherty at with any questions.

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