Don’t forget to set aside June 8 as a day of prayer

On Wednesday, June 8, the employee community will be observing a Day of Prayer. The two-fold purpose for this day is:

  • To begin the new fiscal year and academic year prayerfully attentive to God’s direction
  • To encourage the spiritual well-being of the employee community


  • Employees are encouraged to spend their usual work hours on Wednesday, June 8, in prayer and spiritual retreat.
  • Employees are welcome to enjoy their prayer retreat on campus, off campus, in their homes, or at an alternate site.
  • The university pastors will provide an optional video which can be used at the beginning of an employee’s prayer retreat as well as a devotional to guide employees through the day of prayer.

During the Day of Prayer, employees are encouraged to:

  • Have conversation with God about their work
  • Pray for their colleagues, students and the university
  • Attend to their personal soul care, talking with God about their own lives of faith, and experiencing the ministry of the Spirit

During the Day of Prayer, employees are discouraged from:

  • Using this prayer retreat day for team meetings/in-services
  • Doing other work (responding to emails, working on projects, meeting with people, etc.)
  • Keeping their cell phones on/active
  • Using the day as a vacation day. This is a soul care day, which may look a lot like a vacation day (a walk in the woods, journaling, reading, etc.) but should have an intentional spiritual formation focus and be directed by God.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office for Spiritual Life at

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