Burnout prevention and treatment workshop available for Christian women

For my PsyD dissertation at George Fox, I have created a workshop to prevent and treat burnout in Christian women. There is not currently any published program for burnout specifically for women in ministry, and I am passionate about creating one.

The workshop is free for women to join, and they will receive evidence-based treatment that may otherwise be expensive (approximately a $350 value). The time commitment is one hour weekly over Zoom for six weeks, between May 25 and July 2. The study is open to all women who are part of formal and informal ministries such helping professionals, teachers, medical professionals, caretakers, wives, mothers, social workers, etc.

I am finishing up the first series of this workshop now and have initial evidence that it is effective in reducing symptoms of burnout in Christian women. I am running the workshop again to reach more women and am needing a larger group of participants to meet the research goals of the project.

More information about the study can be found at ministryburnout.com. I also made a short video that introduces the workshop and my heart behind it. Please consider participating or sharing with anyone you think may be interested. I am needing more participants and will be thankful for any help!

Please call me at 971-221-0940 if you have any questions!

– Lydia Marvin, Doctoral Student of Clinical Psychology, George Fox University

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