Maker Hub’s ‘Tool Tip Friday’: Wood Lathe

Wooden rings, spoons and flower pots are just some of the beginner items you can make with the Maker Hub’s Teknatool Wood Lathe. The wood lathe is a machine very similar to the metal lathe in the machine shop.

To start, two free-spinning center points on each side of a wood piece clamp the wood between them and hold it centered. It operates by spinning a piece of wood stock at a variable speed, and lets the operator create round objects.

Unlike the metal lathe, there is not a cutter secured to the machine that is moved into place to cut. On the wood lathe, an operator will instead use long handled chisels to carve away the wood.

There are a wide variety of projects that can be done on the wood lathe, some easier than others, and all requiring a different need for skills and tools. For more information, check out the Maker Hub’s Wiki Page and watch this video to see how it works.

The Maker Hub exists as a resource and creative outlet for the entire George Fox community (yes, including non-engineers!). We are looking for student aces. A student ace is simply an expert on a piece of equipment who helps train other students on the usage of that equipment and gains extra privileges within the Maker Hub.

Please email if you would like to get connected or have any questions.

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