A few reminders about Learning Support Services

As a reminder, a number of changes have taken place in the Learning Support Services area during the past six months.

Rick Muthiah, director of Learning Support Services, continues to oversee several areas related to high-risk students. These include the Academic Success program, Fox360, academic mentors, and collaboration with other units to promote student success.

Andrea Byerley, assistant director of Disability & Accessibility Services, has primary responsibility for working with students and faculty around accommodation needs. She is also leading initiatives to increase student and faculty engagement on disability-related topics. Contact Byerley to discuss specific student situations or course/program accessibility.

Hannah Jackson, coordinator for the Academic Resource Center (ARC), is providing leadership for the ARC, Open Study Table, Portland Writing Center (PWC), and Textbook Assistance Fund. Connect with Jackson to discuss classroom visits by ARC/PWC consultants, required ARC/PWC appointments for your students, or other ideas for promoting student learning through peer support.

Reach out to Muthiah at rmuthiah@georgefox.edu if you have questions or are unsure of the right person to address a topic.

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