Plant Services: Food and Pest Reminder

As the weather gets cooler, squirrels, mice, and beetles will want to enter your space to set up their winter home. To discourage pests, please do the following:

1. If you leave windows open, make sure that the window screen is in excellent shape with no holes, tears, or bent frames. If you have a damaged window screen, report it to your RA for Plant Services to repair the screen. Otherwise, keep doors and windows closed.

2. Store all food in glass or metal containers with tight lids. Do not leave food out.

3. Dispose of food waste. Tie off the trash bag and place in the outside trash bin rather than leaving it in your room.

4. Report any rodent sightings to your RA for Plant Services to investigate. Be specific in your description of the location.

If a food source is available, pests will continue to check that space even after the food is gone. Seal up the food sources now before a pest makes it a habit to come visit. Beetles will naturally congregate this time of year and can be annoying. Please read the FAQ page on the Plant Services website for more information about pest control.

Contact Dixie Downey ( if you have any questions.

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