About Our People

In November, Carl Lloyd (Adult Degree Programs) published the book Secrets of Trauma Recovery under an alias (Dr. Elliott Cace) with alumni Loree Bardwell and Myles Daines. He also collaborated with Amy Maas to publish Living Pictures of the Bible (Empowering Systems Press) in January.

Paul Anderson (Christian Studies) will be giving the keynote address on “Jesus in Johannine Perspective: A Fourth Quest for Jesus” at the South African Theological Seminary conference on Jesus and the Fourth Gospel (March 17-18). Paul also has been invited to serve as guest editor of a Religions peer-reviewed volume on “Jesus and Spirituality,” featuring over a dozen top scholars internationally, and has been invited to contribute an essay on Quakers and the Bible for the World Council of Churches’ volume Your World is Truth: The Bible in Christian Traditions, Volume 2.

In addition, he presented “Celebrating Advent with The Saint John’s Bible” at the Reedwood Forum (December) and “John, Jesus, and the Transformation of Judaism” at the Enoch Seminar on John the Baptist (January). In the publications realm, he edited Volume 9 in the Johannine Monograph Series (Wipf & Stock): Revelation in the Fourth Gospel, and Eight Johannine Essays by Gail R. O’day. His recently published essays include: “Paul, the Philippians, and Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy – A Cognitive-Critical Analysis,” in Talking God in Society (Vol. 1: Essays in Honor of Peter Lampe of Heidelberg); “We Walk by Faith; Not By Sight: A Year of Wilderness Wondering,” for Psalm 91; “The Lord’s Leadership – Psalm 146,” for Psalm 91 (November 2020); “Balderdash! A Dozen Critically Flawed Biblical Scholarship Views Destined Deservedly for the Dustbin,” in The Bible and Interpretation; and “Foreword” in The Heart of Friends: Quaker History and Beliefs (Barclay College Publishers) by Glen W. Leppert.

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