About Our People

Chengping Zhang (College of Business) coauthored an article with Jonathan Ramse, titled “Teaching Economics behind the COVID-19 Pandemic,” that was accepted for publication in the March 2021 issue of International Review of Economics Education. In the paper, Chengping and Jonathan show how economic instructors may use COVID-19-related events to teach some key economic principles and theories. The paper will foster reflection and discussion among economic instructors on how they may proactively connect what happens in the real world with what students learn in the classroom.

Ed Higgins (English Faculty Emeritus/Writer in Residence) published three poems – “I return,” “romantic love,” and “Christmas day” – in Volume 6, Issue 61, of the literary journal Failed haiku (A Journal of English Senryu) this month. Ed also published his poem “Winter Signs” in the Winter 2020 issue of the online journal Farmer-ish, and his piece “Sisyphus takes the day off” appeared in the Jan. 4 edition of the online journal Mediterranean Poetry.

After a six-year process, Jennie Harrop (SPS) was ordained as a Presbyterian pastor on Dec. 27, 2020. Harrop, who has a DMin from Portland Seminary in addition to a PhD in English and MFA in creative writing, is an associate professor and director of the School of Professional Studies. She also serves in a part-time capacity as solo pastor of Cedar Creek Church in Sherwood.

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