Concerned about political polarization? Attend George Fox Civility Project

The first presidential debate is history. Did it make you more or less worried about the effects of polarization in our country? 

If political polarization concerns you, you can do something about it by connecting with the 2020 George Fox Civility Project.

The opening session of the 2020 George Fox Civility Project is this Monday, Oct. 5, from 7:30 to 9 p.m., in Bauman Auditorium (and Zoom).

It will be starting with a talk by Professor of Politics Emeritus Ron Mock on what civility is, its grounding for Christians in basic elements of our faith, and its roots for political leaders in their fundamental duty to be stewards of our political culture.

Those who attend will have a chance to evaluate excerpts from political debates for their civility. Feedback collected from attenders will help in creating a political civility inventory that citizens can use to hold candidates and political leaders to account for whether their communications and actions strengthen or destroy our political culture.  

You can attend in person at Bauman Auditorium or via Zoom. Attendance in person will be limited. Those who arrive after the room reaches its 100-person COVID capacity will be asked to attend via Zoom. Zoom attendees can access the session at the above link.

Questions? Contact Ron Mock (

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