About Our People

Paige Parry (Biology) published a paper, “Taking Temperature with Leaves: A Semester-Long Structured Inquiry Research Investigation for Undergraduate Plant Biology,” in The American Biology Teacher, an award-winning, peer-refereed professional journal for K-16 biology teachers. In addition, in recognition of Arbor Day, Plough magazine published Paige’s essay “What Forests Teach Us About Community,” in which she reflects on what she has learned about faith from her time studying forests. You can find the essay here.

Dan Brunner’s (Seminary) article, “Luther’s Mysticism, Pietism, and Contemplative Spirituality,” was published in Word and World (Winter 2020), a journal of theology and ministry. He also had his piece “Evangelicals and Roman Catholic Spirituality” published in the online newsletter of Paulist Press, Koinonia (April 2020).

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