PT research team seeks volunteers for bunions study

Do you have experience with bunions? Then we need you!

George Fox University’s School of Physical Therapy is conducting research on bunions. Our research team is interested in looking at two groups of people: 1) persons who had surgery for their bunions, and 2) those who currently have bunions. 

We would like to know how the foot functions following bunion surgery. In order to answer this question, we are collecting data on how people walk and on muscle strength.

Testing is conducted in the physical therapy department. The tests are simple to perform and require about an hour to complete. The results of our study will help to provide direction as to the best form of rehabilitation after surgery or in lieu of surgery.

If you are interested in our study, would like more information or would like to enroll as a participant, please contact Jaymee at 808-728-8353 or email Jaymee will be happy to answer all your questions. There is a monetary incentive for participation in this study.

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