Commuter students: Please review the Student Handbook

Commuter students: Please be reminded that you should take time to review the Student Handbook. Since you are living off campus and are not attending all-area meetings through Residence Life, this is your reminder from the Office of Commuter Life to review our community’s expectations of you.

The Undergraduate Student Handbook is a significant resource that serves to articulate the lifestyle standards, community policies, and other aspects of being a member of the George Fox community.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this handbook, it is not a binding contract and it may be changed, updated, amended and/or modified at any time by action of appropriate university personnel. Students of George Fox University are responsible for reviewing and adhering to all published university policies. We hope that you find this searchable handbook to be a tool that is both informative and helpful.

The handbook can be found at

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