Need a ride? Shuttle transportation service available during break

George Fox is partnering with Hillsboro Airporter to provide shuttle service to Portland International Airport. Students will be expected to work directly with Hillsboro Airporter to reserve their spot.

Here are the details:

Each shuttle can fit five to six passengers. The cost per student is based on the total number of passengers during the scheduled times, so if you can fill one shuttle the cost per student could be as low as $15 (if you have a total of six passengers). Cost for one student is $65.

If you make your reservations more than 24 hours in advance, Hillsboro Airporter can group you together. To reserve your spot, go online to Hillsboro Airporter & Car Service LLC.

Hillsboro Airporter accepts cash or credit card for payment. Parents can call Hillsboro Airporter with a credit card to pay for their student’s fare. Hillsboro Airporter has 24/7 service. It will work with students and their families, putting students together to lower the cost of the fare.

Other options for transportation can be found on the above website. Questions? Contact the Office of Student Life ( or 503-554-2316).

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