Comings and Goings

The university welcomes Stephen Wiley to work as a groundskeeper and arborist for plant services. An accomplished arborist and horticulturist with 20-plus years of experience, Stephen most recently worked as a consultant for the Urban Forestry Pathology program based in Silverton, Oregon. That came after he had served as a consultant and educator for Urban Forestry Solutions of Silverton for 21 years (1995 to 2016). In addition, from 1996 to 2010, Stephen was general manager of Classic Arbor Care in Silverton. He is a certified arborist and a member of the Oregon Association of Nurseries. Stephen studied communication and biblical studies at Vennard College in University Park, Iowa, and trained as a jet engine technician at the Community College of the Air Force, graduating top-10 in his class in 1974. He lives in Silverton with his wife Lisa. They have six grown children, seven grandchildren and another grandchild on the way.


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