Tips on how to stay cool as hot weather approaches

With high temperatures being forecast for next week, here are a few safety tips to stay cool …

  • Purchase a fan now before local store supplies run out.
  • Purchase and cut wooden dowels two to four inches shorter than your window track length to safely keep windows open for ventilation at night, and to prevent unwanted entry.
  • Keep curtains closed and windows shut during the daytime and only open up when temperatures have dropped to 70 degrees or below. Use a box window fan to blow in cooler air right before going to sleep.
  • Hydrate!
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Do not prop open entry doors in a dorm or apartment, as you put the entire residence at risk of unwanted entry.
  • If working outdoors, freeze several damp towels and bring them to your work site in a cooler and place periodically around your neck to cool down your body.
  • Seek medical treatment immediately if signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke are present. (Don’t know what they are? Take the First Aid/AED/CPR classes next Monday and Tuesday to learn how to recognize and treat these serious conditions. Sign-ups are on the Campus Public Safety website).

– Campus Public Safety

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