Leaving your vehicle on campus? Be aware of policy

Students and employees: If you are traveling to attend a conference or vacation trip off campus, and wish to leave your vehicle on campus while you are gone, please be aware of our “vehicles on campus” policy.

Due to the construction projects happening around campus – and the potential need to quickly move vehicles for construction and maintenance access – we’d prefer that vehicles not be left on campus. However, if campus is the only option, then your keys must be left with Campus Public Safety, and a waiver form needs to be signed.

George Fox is not responsible for potential loss or damage to your vehicle, and we will tell you which lot to leave your vehicle in, taking into consideration construction projects. The Campus Public Safety office is open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday during the summer, but an officer can meet you at the office to either drop off your keys or pick them up by calling 503-554-2090 if it is after business hours.

Please help our Plant Services personnel and construction crews finish their projects on time by adhering to this policy.

Thank you!

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