About Our People

Karen Jorgenson Murphy (Adjunct, Christian Studies) is publishing a book, Pentecostals and Roman Catholics on Becoming a Christian, through Brill.

Mark Allen Eaton (Adjunct Theatre/Communication/Humanities) traveled to New York City March 29-31 to see the one-act adaptation of his play, Pilate, performed at Theatre 315, the Salvation Army’s Off-Broadway black-box theatre. The performance was directed by Chuck Goodin, produced by Carol Jaudes, and starred Ian Evans as “Pilate” and Kathryn Higgins as “Claudia.”

Paul Anderson (Christian studies) participated in an initial accreditation review of the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. He also had his tribute to John Punshon published in Oxford’s newsletter The Brazen Nose 2016-2017, and his essay, “The Johannine Riddles and their Place in the Development of Trinitarian Theology,” was published in The Bible and Early Trinitarian Theology. Finally, his “Celebrating Forty Years of Celebration of Discipline: An Interview with Richard Foster,” was published in Quaker Life (April) and posted on the Renovare website, as was his essay, “The Lord’s Prayer as a Transformative Pattern.”

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