Movers & Quakers

At the university’s board of trustees meeting in March, the board voted to award tenure and promotion to the following candidates effective with their 2018-19 contracts. Tenure: Glena Andrews (PsyD), Muh Bi (Toby) Lin (Social Work) and Josh Sauerwein (Business); promoted to professor: Kelly Chang (Psychology), Muh Bi (Toby) Lin (Social Work), Roger Nam (Seminary), Paul Shelton (Business), Nathan Sledgers (Engineering), Jillian Sokso (Art and Design), Jim Steele (Business), Cindy Zablotny (Physical Therapy), Chengping Zhang (Business); promoted to associate professor: Karen Bowdoin (Art and Design), Joseph Clair (Christian Studies/William Penn Honors Program), Isabelle Corneaux (French), Todd Curtis (Engineering), Marcey Keefer Hutchison (Physical Therapy) and Paul Shew (Physical Therapy).

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