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Nicole M. Enzinger (Education) published an article, “Descriptions of the Integer Number Line in United States School Mathematics in the 19th Century,” in a Mathematical Association of America journal, Convergence. The article describes the evolution of the number line in school mathematics and includes implications for contemporary mathematics educators.

Wendy Flint (IDEA Center) wrote a piece for an article, “2018’s Happiest Cities in America,” featured in the March 12 issue of WalletHub, a personal finance website. In it, Wendy addresses the question, “What tips do you have for someone who is unhappy with their career?”

Rebecca Hernandez (Associate Provost of Local and Global Engagement/Chief Diversity Officer) was featured in The Christian Post’s March 4 online edition. In an article titled “Christian Higher Ed Becomes Less White, More Diverse in Effort to Reflect God’s Kingdom,” Rebecca shares how George Fox and other CCCU schools are making their campuses more welcoming to minority students. “As we think about welcoming students, part of the issue that has been around is the idea of having students change to meet the way our institutions are,” she said. “Our work has been more about how we expand the doorways and change how we do things to be more receptive to all students.”

Ed Higgins’ (Emeritus, English Department) poem, “Meaning’s Heft,” was featured in the Feb. 9 issue of the online poetry journal Whispers (Inge Wesdijk, poetry editor). In addition, two of his science fiction haiku pieces were included in the February 2018 print issue of Scifaikuest.

A number of George Fox representatives presented at seven sessions at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities’ 2018 International Forum in Dallas Jan. 31 to Feb. 2. Presenting were Debra Espinor, Linda Samek, Anna Berardi, Gloria Doherty and Robin Ashford (“Building a Sustainable Model for Developing Digital Fluency in Higher Education Faculty (on a Shoestring Budget”); Robin Baker, Rob Westervelt and Bob Sevier of Stamats (“Thoughtful Innovation and Deliberate Change in Turbulent Times”); Laura Hartley, Rebecca Hernandez and Linda Samek (“Advancing the Academy: System Changes to Increase Underrepresented and Ethnic/Racially Diverse Faculty”); Kelly Chang, with four others (“Best Practices for Integrating First-Generation Latino Students: Theoretical Framework, Lessons Learned, and Theological Foundations”); Yune Tran and Rebecca Hernandez (“Future Directions in Supporting Underrepresented Faculty: Examining the Role of a Faculty of Color Mentorship Program”); Jenny Elsey, with two others (“One Size Does Not Fit All: Shared Stories of Managing a Multicultural Leadership Scholarship Program”); and Brad Lau and Linda Samek, with 11 others (“Campus Life: In Search Of Community at Christian Colleges and Universities”).

Kenn Willson (Music) organized, produced and directed the highly successful Monster Piano Concert at George Fox in February. About 200 donors were in attendance to see the guest piano duo of Eduard Gavril and Sorin Frisan, current George Fox students, alumni, and potential piano recruits perform. The performers played for a nearly sold-out house as six additional pianos – four Bosendorfers and two Yamahas – were added to the Bauman Auditorium stage. Kenn also held a masterclass – mini-lessons with students in front of other performers, parents and teachers – with 10 pianists in Vancouver, Washington, on March 3.

Sunggu Yang (Christian Studies) was invited to write an article for the International Handbook of Practical Theology on the topic of “Preaching, Hermeneutics and Rhetoric, and Religious Speech.” Fifty-plus leading scholars around the world in various fields of practical theology will contribute to this ambitious multinational and interdisciplinary piece. De Gruyter (Berlin; Boston) will handle the publication under the joint editorship of Birgit Weyel (Tübingen), Wilhelm Gräb (Berlin), Emmanuel Lartey (Atlanta) and Cas Wepener (Pretoria).

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