Which professor would you like to see get ‘pied’?

Want to support a missions trip to Nicaragua? Want to see a professor get “pied?” Come to Canyon Commons today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday) and the Bruin Den March 6-9 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Drop money into the jar with the name of the professor you want to see “pied.”

The top four jars with the most money in them will be “pied” on Tuesday, March 13, right after chapel! The participating professors are Kelly Chang, Sue O’Donnell, Chris Koch, Kris Kays, David Martínez, Steve Sherwood, Matthew Stump, Katie Mastropaolo, Abigail Favale, Javier Garcia and Matt Dyment.

Contact Julia Toews (jtoews17@georgefox.edu) for more information.

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