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Mark McMinn (PsyD) was honored in Christianity Today’s 2018 Book Awards – those books the publication deems “most likely to shape evangelical life, thought and culture.” Mark was honored for his book The Science of Virtue, which received an Award of Merit in the Spiritual Formation category.  In the book, he argues that positive psychology can be thought of as the contemporary science of virtue and shows how the basic tenets of this movement – gratitude, wisdom, humility, forgiveness, grace and hope – could shape more relevant and effective ministry for pastors and counselors.

Rebecca Hernandez (​Academic Affairs​), Jenny Elsey (Intercultural Life) and Rebecca Valdovinos (English Language Institute) contributed to the book Diversity Matters: Race, Ethnicity, and the Future of Christian Higher Education (Abilene Christian University Press). Hernandez served as a co-editor, and she and Valdovinos wrote chapters, while Elsey wrote a section of a chapter. The book addresses the need for institutions to have meaningful conversations about race and ethnicity and offers leaders a roadmap as they think through how their campuses can serve all students well.

Ed Higgins’ (Emeritus, English Department) poem “Santa’s Stuck” was reprinted in a holiday anthology, Weihnachtsmarkt: A Danse Macabre Holiday Anthology, in December.
In addition, his poem “affair” was published online on the literary site Turn A Page Or Two (Dec. 31, 2017).

Nicole M. Enzinger (School of Education) published an article, “Base-ten block challenge,” in Teaching Children Mathematics, with colleagues Barbara Swartz (McDaniel College) and Sararose Lynch (Westminster College). The article highlights a mathematical challenge for teachers to share with their students, offers a space for teachers to share their experiences with implementing the task, and facilitates use of “complex instruction” as a tool for promoting equity in mathematics teaching.

Paul Anderson (Christian studies) presented papers at the Boston meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Quaker Theological Discussion Group: “Paul, the Philippians, and Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy – A Cognitive-Critical Biblical Analysis,” and “Primitive Christianity Revived – The Original Quaker Vision.” He also published “Identity and Congruence – The Ethics of Integrity in the Johannine Epistles” in Biblical Ethics and Application: Purview, Validity, and Relevance of Biblical Texts in Ethical Discourse (Mohr/Siebeck), and published Ernst Käsemann’s monograph, The Testament of Jesus, with a new introduction, “John 17 – The Original Intention of Jesus for the Church,” as Volume 6 in the Johannine Monograph Series (Wipf & Stock). His tributes to John Punshon include “The Formative Spirituality of John Punshon – 1935-2017” (Quaker Studies 22) and “Remembering John Punshon (1935-2017), Distinguished Alumnus of Brasenose College (B.A. 1957) and the Oxford Honours School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (M.A. 1959)” (Brazen Notes & News, Oxford University). Paul also published two Spotlight essays for the Oikonomia Network: “The Spirituality of Jesus as a Calling, Parts I and II.”

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