Homeschool Survey

Were you homeschooled in high school? Do you know a student who was? If this post sounds familiar, it is! We are your friendly neighborhood homeschoolers who have completed our focus groups and now need your help with our survey.

My partner and I are submitting a research paper to present at the Northwest Communication Association Conference in April. If you or anyone you know was homeschooled (at least a year) during high school, please help us out.

If you pass this along to other former homeschoolers attending college, you will broaden the scope of our survey results, making them more accurate and applicable to our purpose. Please let us utilize your network. We know there are a lot of fantastic homeschoolers out there who will help us succeed!

Homeschool Survey

This survey should take around 20 minutes, and all responses will be anonymous. The survey will be available for roughly one week, so please participate and share as soon as possible.

Thank you for making our project a success, and may your semester be productive and enjoyable!

– Julianne Robinson (

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