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Ben Hartley (College of Christian Studies) recently published three chapters in two different books. “Mission: Agnes C. L. Donohugh, Early ‘Apostle for Ethnology’” was published in On Knowing Humanity: Insights from Theology for Anthropology (Routledge). The chapter argues that Donohugh was the most important Christian anthropologist involved in the training of missionaries in America between the world wars. The volume also reprinted an article previously published in Current Anthropology that Ben coauthored with four Eastern University colleagues, entitled “Engaging the Religiously Committed Other: Anthropologists and Theologians in Dialogue.” Finally, a chapter he coauthored with Kirsten Oh and Glen Alton Messer, entitled “‘Get on the Cart!’: Wesleyan Discipleship in an Age of Endemic Incarceration,” appears in Thinking Theologically about Mass Incarceration: Biblical Foundations and Justice Imperatives (Paulist Press). The chapter was the result of Ben’s participation over the past few years in the National Council of Churches’ Convening Table on Faith and Order.

Brent Weaver’s (Music) three-movement suite “Singing at the Fire” for organ, based on poems by Sarah Klassen on stories from the early Anabaptist book Martyrs Mirror, was presented by organist Shirley Sprunger King on Nov. 5 at Bluffton College in Ohio. The concert was part of a month-long series of art, music and literature events surrounding an exhibition of art and stories from Martyrs Mirror.

Elise Trask (Athletics), Jen Macnab (Registrar), Nichole Drew (Employee Empowerment), Elizabeth Anderson (Residence Life), Matt Dyment (Residence Life), Dave Johnstone (Residence Life), Kristi Welker (Commuter Life), Brad Lau (Student Life) and Mark Pothoff (Student Life) attended the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force Campus Investigator Training Oct. 25-27 in Salem.

Rachel Thomas (Library/Archivist) has been named president of the Newberg Area Historical Society. She has served as vice president of the society for the past two years, during which time she presented historical lectures, connected George Fox students and faculty to the organization, successfully instituted student membership rates, conducted historical trolley tours of Newberg, and been instrumental in continuing efforts to document the history of downtown Newberg through signage.

Brent Wilson (Computer Science) presented a published paper, “Teaching Security Defense Through Web-Based Hacking at the Undergraduate Level,” at the Rocky Mountain Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Conference at Utah Valley University in October. The paper was published in the Journal for Computing Sciences in Colleges.

Nicole M. Enzinger (Education) is lead author of a chapter, titled “An Illustration of Scholarly Inquiry from the Cognitive Perspective: The Development of an Integer Activity for Prospective Elementary or Middle School Teachers,” in the book Building Support for Scholarly Practices in Mathematics Methods. The book is the product of collaborations among over 40 mathematics teacher educators who teach mathematics methods courses for prospective PreK-12 teachers in many different institutional contexts and structures.

Ed Higgins (Emeritus, English Department) published his poem “Floating Lightly Through” in the October 2017 issue of the online literary journal The Magnolia Review.

Rae Casey (DPS), Jennie Harrop (DPS), Michelle Shelton (DPS) and Britny Scholz (Registrar, DPS) attended the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning 2017 International Conference in San Diego Nov. 15-17. Rae, Jennie and Michelle presented a workshop titled “Knowles, Kolb, & Google: Prior Learning Assessment as a Model for 21st-Century Learning,” in which they presented George Fox’s model for Prior Learning Assessment. Grounded in andragogical theory, the university’s PLA process moves from Malcolm Knowles’ 1970s emphasis on the importance of experience, self-concept and relevance in a student’s journey to a focus on the experiential learning cycle of David Kolb: experience, reflection, theory-building and application. The three argued that George Fox’s Knowles/Kolb-focused PLA program serves as a model for education in a 21st-century Google age where information is instantaneous and creative reflection is essential.

Paige Parry (Biology) published two papers this year in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Wyoming and the U.S. Forest Service: “Towards an improved conceptual understanding of North American tree distributions” in the journal Ecosphere, and “Species interactions weakly modify climate-induced tree co-occurrence patterns” in the Journal of Vegetation Science.

Matt Stump (Biology) collaborated with colleagues on an article, “Upregulation of functional Kv11.1a isoform expression by modified U1 small nuclear RNA,” in the journal Gene in October. The study was performed in collaboration with Zhengfeng Zhou and Qiuming Gong in the Knight Cardiovascular Institute at Oregon Health & Science University.

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