Join in as Matheteis panelists discuss DACA

Join us for our second Matheteis of the semester tonight (Tuesday) at 8:30 p.m. in Canyon Commons 103.

Matheteis is a discussion forum that comes from the Greek word for disciple. Our goal is to provide space students to discuss difficult topics in a cross-disciplinary approach that leads to learning and understanding. We invite four panelists who are given 2-3 prompt questions ahead of time. After panelists have an opportunity to discuss the prompt questions, audience participants can also ask questions and join the discussion.

The topic will be about DACA: what is it and how will students be affected by the current administration’s change of its policy? We want to host a dialogue in which students can ask questions about the policy and gauge how it is affecting communities around us. Especially with the tension in our political climate today, it is important to have a space to talk about DACA in way that  reveals how people, not just numbers and statistics, are being impacted.

Questions? Contact Brianna Martin-Ortega (

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