Hear how business and sports can create countless opportunities

What does an analyst at Nike, a buyer from Columbia Sportswear and a marketing manager from Intel have in common? They’re using their George Fox business degrees in a sports-related job. Even at Intel? Yes! They’re investing heavily in technology that’s creating amazing new experiences for sports fans.

Join the College of Business at the next Industry Insiders event on Monday, Nov. 20 at 5:30 p.m. in Canyon Commons 101, and meet alumi Sandra Lopez (’15), Sean Jany (’12) and Josiah Nuzum (’16). You’ll hear about their time at Fox and how they landed jobs at such sought-after companies. They’ll tell us about the work they’re doing and share tips for setting goals, getting to the finish line, and launching into your career.

Dinner will be provided. Pre-register here.

Questions? Contact Colleen Sump (csump@georgefox.edu).

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