Meal Plan Selection for Spring 2011

The Meal Plan form is now activated on MYGFU under University Forms.

There are two things that you need to know before proceeding:

1 ) If you plan to complete enough credits to move into a lower meal plan you will need to wait till grades are posted to your academic record before making the change.

For example – for students on the 21 meal plan: If you have 25 credits completed now and took 15 credits this fall, then 6 of those credits will need to post before you can choose the 14 meal plan.

The absolute deadline for making changes to your meal plan is Friday, January 21, 2011. If there are extenuating circumstances pertaining to getting your grades posted by this deadline, please contact Jere Witherspoon immediately.

2) The system rolls all meal plans over, EXCEPT for the 35 block plan and the All Flex Plan since the meals/points on these two plans carry over from Fall to Spring. If you want to add these additional plans to your account you will need to re-select them in MYGFU in University forms.

Details about Meal Plans can be found on the Student Life website: Meal Plan Options

Students are responsible to confirm their meal plans each semester and make any changes prior to the 2nd Friday of each semester – January 21, 2010.

Students who fail to confirm their meal plans, and if eligible, make any changes, will be charged for the meal plan applied to their account even if they did not use the meal plan.

To select your meal plans on MyGFU:

· Log in to your account.

· Click on SELF SERVICE.

· Under GFU Resources click on UNIVERSITY FORMS.

Please address your questions to:

Jere Witherspoon

Student Life Office


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