About Our People

Mark Pothoff (Student Life) was part of the leadership team that facilitated the New Professionals Retreat as part of the Association for Christians in Student Development’s (ACSD) annual conference, held at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. At the ACSD conference, held June 5-8, Mark teamed with Rick Muthiah (Learning Support Services) to present a workshop titled “Who Let the Dogs In? Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals in Campus Housing.”

Marc Shelton (Education) presented “If We Just Knew What We Know Now: A Lesson Learned for Interagency Collaboration to Prepare Leaders for Effective Inclusive Schools: Oregon Example” at the CEEDAR Center’s Cross-State Convening event in Chicago in June. He presented on behalf of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration.

Brian R. Snider (Computer Science) published his recent work, “Estimation of Localized Ideal Oximetry Sensor Lag via Oxygen Desaturation–Disordered Breathing Event Cross-Correlation,” in SLEEP:  Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorders Research. He also gave a presentation on the work in June at the SLEEP 2017 conference in Boston, Massachusetts. SLEEP is the premier world forum to present and discuss the latest developments in clinical sleep medicine and sleep and circadian science.

Cherice Bock (Seminary) recently served as the scholar in residence at Reedwood Friends Church. She offered a six-week series of 12 classes and a sermon on the topic “Quakers & Creation Care: Ecotheology & Action from a Quaker Perspective.”

Ed Higgins’ (English) flash-fiction story, “Latté plus,” was published in the Spring/Summer issue of The Round Up, an online literary magazine, and the Australian online literary journal, Vending Machine Press, published his poems “Later now, but” and “Imago Dei: What God’s Good For” in its June 13 issue. In addition, Ed recently published three poems in online literary journals: “Under the Eaves” is in riverbabble (June 2017); “Oh, you are not” is in experiential-experimental-literature (June 2, 2017); and a reprint of “He drank” is in Degenerates: Domestic Violence Edition (June 2017).

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