Important Vehicle Registration Information

Parking can be a challenge on the Newberg campus. Taking the construction of the new student activity center and student input into consideration, the university is implementing the following changes to improve the parking situation for all students (undergraduate and graduate; residential and commuter) on the Newberg campus.

  • By the time school starts in August, we will have spent more than $750,000 adding 245 parking spaces, and we have opened up more street parking within our four border streets.
  • We are increasing the number of parking permit types (linked to specific locations), which should reduce the need to hunt through various lots to find parking.
  • Residential parking lots will not be oversold.
  • Graduate commuters are gaining three dedicated lots near the Roberts Center.
    a. Graduate students on the Newberg campus will now be automatically charged the parking registration on their student account, but they will still need to go online and register their cars to receive their permit.
    b. If a graduate student walks or rides a bike to campus, please contact Security Services to have the registration fee removed from your account.
  • There is now a free permit option for those interested in saving money by parking in the new lot at the Austin Field (near the Austin Sports Complex across from Northside Church).
  • Residential parking registration will be opened, giving priority to seniority. Registration for parking permits will open at 9 a.m. according to the following schedule:
    Seniors – July 5
    Juniors – July 12
    Sophomores – July 19
    Freshmen – July 26
  • Graduate students and commuters may register any time after July 5 regardless of class status.

As always, we strongly recommend residential students not bring a car to campus. Leaving your car at home can easily save $1,000 per year; there’s a car-share program on campus through Enterprise Rent-A-Car. There are almost always others who can provide a ride when needed.

For more information, please check out the parking website here.

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