End-of-Year Reminder for Deposits and Petty Cash Reconciliations

End-of-the-fiscal year deposits to be included in this year’s budget must be in Finance no later than Friday, June 30. Checks dated prior to June 30, 2017, must be deposited in the current fiscal year.

Please look around your desks and file cabinets to see if there are any lingering items that need to go to the bank. If you are taking vacation during the July 4 holiday, please send your deposits over BEFORE you leave. If you should have any questions about deposits, please contact Heather Groenlund at ext. 2173.

Final petty cash reconciliations for this fiscal year are due in Finance no later than Friday, June 30. Please remember to submit all receipts, cash, and reconciliation reports before this deadline. Please plan ahead and send these over before you leave, if you will be taking vacation over the July 4 holiday. If you have questions about petty cash protocols, please contact Jen Klapp at ext. 2170.

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