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In February, Nicole Enzinger (Education) gave two presentations at the annual Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Conference in Orlando, Florida: “Investigating prospective teachers’ evaluations of children’s temperature stories” and “Examining Pinterest as a curriculum resource.” Also, in early March, Nicole gave an invited lecture, “Integers: A space for mathematical play,” at the Metropolitan Mathematics Club in Chicago. This invited lecture was based on her upcoming book, Exploring the Integer Addition and Subtraction Landscape: Perspectives on Integer Thinking. More recently, Nicole presented “This is not ‘New Math,’ but we can learn lessons from ‘New Math,’” for the Oregon Association of Teacher Educators Conference at the University of Portland.

Dana Bates (Athletic Training) published a study, “Perceptions from athletic training students involved in an intentional peer-assisted learning pedagogy,” in the Athletic Training Education Journal. The study investigated athletic training students’ perceptions of peer-assisted learning on both the peer-student and peer-tutor. In addition, Dana and Jill Sikkema (adjunct faculty in HHPE) published an article, “Critical-thinking skills of first-year athletic training students enrolled in professional programs,” in the March 2017 Athletic Training Education Journal. In the piece, the authors investigated critical thinking and other demographic variables across first-year athletic training students enrolled in professional bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs.

Ed Higgins (English) published his poem “To my own two feet” in the surrealist online poetry journal Uut Poetry on March 31.

David Johnstone (Student Life) wrote a review of Soong-Chan Rah’s Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times for the Christian Scholar’s Review (Winter 2017).

Paul Anderson (Christian Studies) published a fourth review of CNN’s Finding Jesus 2 series on The Bible and Interpretation website, titled “Herod the Great, or Herod the Terrible?” He also published an article, “Can Any Good Thing Come from Nazareth? The Childhood Home of Jesus,” on the same site and in the March 22 edition of The Huffington Post. In addition, Paul posted reviews of “Raising Lazarus: Climax or Prequel?” on the Bible and Interpretation and Huffington Post sites.

Andrew Fleming and Kaitlyn Ragan were named the university’s employees of the month for March.

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