College of Christian Studies offers several elective options in 2017-18

With changes to General Education requirements come new opportunities in the College of Christian Studies. We’re offering several elective options each semester for students to fulfill their second-tier Bible/Religion Gen Ed requirement (after Bible Survey and before History and Theology of Christianity). These courses are numbered BIBL 215, RELI 215 and BIBL 315.

More than 20 elective courses will be offered, including two studies of women’s influence throughout church history; courses related to the global church, spiritual formation through story, and indigenous spirituality; and biblical studies (Life of Christ, Revelation & Apocalyptic Writings, Job and the Problem of Evil, Psalms, The Gospel of John, Biblical Peacemaking, Women and the Bible).

For more information about course offerings in the College of Christian Studies, consult the online schedule, contact your CAP coach or faculty advisor, or talk with Paula Hampton (, administrative assistant in the CCS.

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