Textbook Affordability Program Saves Students $315,000

The George Fox University Libraries is working with faculty to save students money through its Textbook Affordability Program. Many required course readings can be found in the library’s vast collection of unlimited-use ebooks. Last year, the library ebooks provided $196,147* in student savings.

Faculty, if we have your course texts in our collection, let your students know! And if you want us to buy what you assign, let us know! Some publishers withhold their textbooks from libraries, so we can’t promise success, but we are happy to acquire any that fit our unlimited access model.

As previously announced, the adoption of open (free) textbooks in many courses last year saved students $118,855. Adding the savings from library ebooks yields a total of $315,002 in student textbook savings!!

Library staff think that’s pretty great.  Thanks to all who are making it happen!

*Savings estimates based on enrolled students purchasing new books at full price.