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The George Fox University Open Textbook Initiative

In the first year since Robin Ashford (E-Learning Librarian) and Gloria Doherty (Hybrid-Learning and Education Technology Director) launched the Open Textbook Initiative at Fox, faculty members saved George Fox students a total of over $118,000 in the 2016-2017 academic year. Kudos!

Supported by the university’s Innovation Fund, the initiative:

  • gave faculty an incentive to explore replacing expensive course textbooks with open (free) textbooks
  • allowed Fox to join the Open Textbook Network, which curates a collection of quality, peer-reviewed, open textbooks available to the world through the Open Textbook Library

Visit these slides to learn why open textbooks and textbook affordability matters at George Fox, along with detailed results of the initiative.

The initiative will be funded for a second year. Contact Robin ( to get involved or learn more.

Each participating faculty member wrote a review of one of these textbooks; some went on to adopt them for their courses.

Faculty who published Open Textbook Library reviews:

Aida Ramos, PhD
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Student Success Coordinator
Text Reviewed: Introduction to Sociology 2e
Text adopted for: SOCI 150 Principles of Sociology

Davida Brown, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Faculty Athletics Representative
Text Reviewed: Chemistry
Text adopted for: CHEM 211 General Chemistry

Jennie Harrop, PhD
Chair, Department of Professional Studies
Text Reviewed: Writing for Success
Text adopted for: Adult Writing LACC 101 (ADP)

Rae Casey, PhD
Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership
Text Reviewed: Organizational Behavior

Michelle Shelton, MA
Assistant Professor of Professional Studies
Text Reviewed: Introduction to Psychology
Text adopted for: PSYC 150 (ADP)

Anna A. Berardi, PhD, LPC, LMFT
Director, Trauma Response Institute
Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
Text Reviewed: Principles of Sociological Inquiry – Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Text adopted for: TRMA 571-573 Trauma Research

Tom Head, MS, MA
Professor of Economics
Text Reviewed: International Trade: Theory and Policy
Adopted as supplemental text for: BUSG 507 MBA Economics

Chengping Zhang, PhD
Associate Professor of Finance
Text Reviewed: Personal Finance

Winston Seegobin, PsyD
Director of Diversity
Professor of Clinical Psychology
Text Reviewed: Immigrant and Refugee Families: Global Perspectives on Displacement and Resettlement Experiences
Text adopted for: PSYD 541 Multicultural Psychotherapy

Other faculty who adopted open textbooks and contributed to student savings:

Chris Koch, PhD
Chair of the Undergraduate Psychology Department
Director of Assessment
Professor of Psychology
Introductory Statistics
Text adopted for: PSYC 240 Statistical Procedures
Research Methods in Psychology 
Text adopted for: PSYC 391 Research Methods
Debby Thomas, PhD
Assistant Professor of Management
Principles of Management
Text adopted for: MGMT 260 Principles of Management
Carlisle Chambers, PhD
Chair, Department of Biology and Chemistry
Text adopted for: CHEM 211 General Chemistry
Jing Hao, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Text adopted for: CHEM 211 General Chemistry
Davida Brown, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry
Text adopted for: CHEM 110 Chem & Environment
Michelle Shelton, MA
Assistant Professor of Professional Studies
Writing In College: From Competence to Excellence
Text adopted for: LACC 102 Adult Writing II
Cindy Anderson, ADP Adjunct
Leading with cultural Intelligence
Text adopted for: LACC 285 (ADP) Soc/Cult Diversity

Key facts for Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 

  • number of open textbook adoptions at George Fox: 13 (10 replace prior required texts)
  • number of students in courses with savings: 611
  • Total student savings: $118,855

Thanks to all faculty for your good work!

Helping with textbook affordability is a George Fox Library goal. George Fox librarians look forward to working with faculty colleagues to provide high quality educational resources to students while saving them money.

Visit the Library Textbook Affordability Program page to learn more. Feel free to email Robin Ashford ( with any questions.