Pursue Wonder: An Interview with Marvin Eans

Photo Credit: Michael Martin
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Here at the George Fox Library, we’re invested in the virtue of wonder. Our collections connect us to the wonders of the world and inspire us to ask new questions every day. We hope to teach students to engage with wonder as they ask good questions and pursue truth. We also love being connected to the work and expertise of George Fox faculty, and we are thrilled to continue the Pursue Wonder Project, a monthly feature with faculty from across campus to see how they connect wonder and hope to their work as scholars and educators.

This month, we’re featuring Marvin Eans, Assistant Professor and Chair of Art and Design. Check out his thoughtful responses to our interview below:

What’s something that you are curious about?

I’m increasingly captivated by the boundless love of God and His profound expression of affection for all of humanity. I’m eager to explore further the inherent goodness and beauty of God, seeking ways to extend love and compassion in a world that’s currently in disarray.

How do wonder and curiosity connect to your life as a scholar and instructor?

I firmly believe that we each bear the gift of creativity, bestowed upon us by the ultimate creator of all things, God Himself. As a creative individual, artist, and designer, my aspiration is to cultivate an unwavering sense of curiosity towards the intricate interactions, the wonders of nature, the tapestry of humanity, and the vast expanse of the world itself. This deep curiosity serves as the guiding light for my practice and informs my approach within the classroom space.

What do you hope to learn more about in the future?

I hope to continue to embark on the ongoing journey of self-discovery. I’ve struggled with many insecurities throughout my life and I persistently have to remind myself of my divine creation in the image of God. My hope is that God will gradually unveil my true identity in Christ and further reveal the depths of who I am. This revelation fuels my pursuit of wonder and creativity, with the aim of positively influencing our society.

How does the pursuit of learning connect to your faith?

I have devoted my life to serving God in every aspect. God’s presence resides at the core of my learning journey. I’m driven by the profound conviction that design possesses the potential to mold society in constructive ways and act as a catalyst for positive change.  I hope to convey  powerful messages of faith, hope, and love in my learning that will reflect timeless values of unity and diversity.

What about the things you are learning, researching, or teaching gives you hope? 

Being an educator is a source of immense joy for me, and it is truly life-giving. Being in the company of students and learning alongside them provides me with a unique vantage point from which to witness how young individuals aspire to harness their talents for positive change. Observing these young people realize their God-given gifts and recognizing the profound influence they possess in shaping society fills me with hope.