Cross Country 2015: The Season in Pictures



Both the men and the women’s teams recently wrapped up successful seasons, capped off by senior Bryant Quinn’s performance at the NCAA West Regional meet which won him All-Regional status. But, while Quinn had a stellar year and concluded his career on the highest of notes, the Bruins’ young runners offer the best opportunity for even more success. Freshman Josh Meyer nearly secured his own All-Regional spot, but even without such an honor his freshman season was by any standard fantastic. Consistently the men’s second-fastest runner, his composure under pressure belies his youth and makes him an ideal candidate to take Quinn’s place atop the Bruins’ placing. Another freshman, however, will work to depose Meyer: Ethan Patterson, who is talented in his own right. Along with sophomores Colin Atchinson and Christian Parr, the men should only accelerate into 2016.




DSC_8094 (1)

On the women’s side, the Bruins were remarkably consistent, showing aptitude for head coach Randy Dalzell’s emphasis on team-oriented running. Often finishing in groups and pairs, the women, too, were heavily influenced by youth. Academic junior Kayla Moore, who had sophomore standing during the season, emerged as the Bruins’ de facto pacesetter, and she was often chased closely by junior Taylor Suwa and freshman Grace Ferguson. Freshmen Ashlee Vos and McKenzie Young were rarely far behind. To be sure, the Bruins are stocked with young, energetic runners: Caitlin Kereszturi, Jenna Hills, Allison Dalzell, among others. The Bruins are running a youth movement, and Dalzell’s team-first method seems built to pay off next season.