Living the “Be Known” Promise

Our promise at George Fox University is that all students will be known personally, academically and spiritually. It’s a promise that’s delivered in the classroom, on the field, and in conversations on the quad. As we celebrate NCAA Division III week and the exceptional student-athletes who wear our navy blue and old gold with pride, we also celebrate the George Fox professors who have been part of their journeys.

Erin Sprowls

Erin Sprowls – Volleyball/Track & Field – Nursing Major

“Being a nursing major and being on the volleyball team is a pretty demanding schedule and I wouldn’t be able to participate in both without Stephanie Fisher. She has given me great support the past couple of years with help scheduling classes so that I am able to make practices, taking extra time to review material for an exam, or meeting up and seeing how things are going on in our lives. She certainly has made me feel like part of the George Fox family.”

Bryant Quinn – Cross Country, Track & Field – HHPA/ English Major

“Bill Jolliff has always treated me as a person. Not just as an athlete who is taking a class, or a student who plays a sport, but holistically as a human created in the image of God who possess unique gifts and talents. Whether those gifts applied directly in the classroom or not, I have always felt welcomed and like my perspective and thoughts matter in my interactions with Bill.”

Bryant Quinn


Victor Garcia Aguilera – Soccer – Marketing Major

“Debbie Berho has impacted my life in a way I thought no professor would do. She has stayed in continuous contact with me even though I am not in the same major department. She has supported me in classes and checks up on how I am doing; that is something you won’t find anywhere else. She has also been close with the rest of the team and has helped some of the new guys get accustomed to this school.”

Josh Caddel – Basketball – Accounting Major

“Josh Sauerwein’s care for my success both in the classroom and on the court has been incredible. He has been a mentor and encourager through challenging times and he’s been a cheerleader in the great times. He has been a reminder that my faith comes first before athletics and academics, but also offers advice and challenges me to integrate my relationship with Jesus into each and every aspect of my life, on a daily basis.”


Elizabeth Cruickshank

Elizabeth Cruickshank – Track/Javelin – Social Work Major

My Bible class had at least 100 students and I remember the first time my best friend came up and wanted to sit in on a lecture so I brought her to the best one I could think of. Before class I introduced her to Steve Sherwood and said, ‘Hello Steve, my name is Liz and I’m in your class.’ And what he said to me was, ‘Yes Liz I know who you are. You sit second row in the middle every class. How can I help you?’ And from then on I have always felt known even in my class of 100!”

Ali Diehl – Tennis – Psychology Major

“Kris Kays has made her support for me as an athlete very known. She has never made me feel like it isn’t “do-able” to be a student-athlete and has always worked with me when missing classes. Kris has sent me good-luck emails before matches and has congratulated me after them. Along with this she understands how much the team means to me and how impactful tennis is in my life.”

Ali Diehl


Hailey Ostrom – Golf – Journalism Major

“Clella Jaffe has always been one of those professors who is willing to go above and beyond for her students. I have had her in many different courses, but have also gone to her for advice in other classes. She always made sure to ask about my tournaments and how golf was going.”