Celebrating NCAA D-III Week and the ‘Be Known’ Promise

At George Fox University, we make a promise to every student that he/she will be known personally, academically and spiritually. Every day our faculty and administrators deliver that promise in the classroom, in life groups, on the field or the court, and in conversations over a cup of coffee. As universities across the nation celebrate NCAA Division III Week, we join them by highlighting some of our Bruin student-athletes who wear our navy blue and old gold with pride. And we also celebrate the George Fox professors and administrators who are part of their journeys.

Andrew Reichenbach | Baseball | Accounting Major

“Professor Josh Sauerwein has taken time outside of class to make sure I grew in my spiritual life, not only in my academic career. We have met a couple of times to discuss how I’ve grown in my spiritual journey and anything that was bothering me at the time. He gave me a book to read that has helped me grow, and in the classroom has not just taught the subject but also life lessons that will always stick with me. I felt as if I could come to him with anything at any time and he would help me. I consider him a mentor, and am very grateful for all that he has done for me.”

Michael Mercado-Smith | Men’s Basketball | Marketing Major

“AC Matt Dyment has influenced me to know myself better and develop my strengths. He has gone above and beyond to make me feel the “Be Known” promise by trying to get the best out of me and inspiring me to be great.”

Tavin Headings | Women’s Basketball | Journalism Major

“Professor Kevin Jones is relatable, funny and proved he actually does know who I am even on the first day of class with him in the fall of 2016. Just today I had a good conversation with him and he even asked about this basketball season. I’ve seen him at every game.”

Rylan Larsen | Men’s Cross Country | Biology Major

“Professor Davida Brown makes chemistry lectures fun and engaging by interacting with the class. She’ll give “shout-outs” to people in class, make jokes, and even sing if it’s necessary (I may or may not have sung along with her as she sang a song from The Sound of Music). Overall, even though I’m not very interested in chemistry, she makes it fun.”

Megan Parks | Women’s Cross Country | Elementary Education Major

“Professor Dane Joseph helps me to be involved in my athletics and pushes me to excel in my academics. He’s also spoken words of encouragement over me that I desperately needed and given me the confidence to be where I am today.”


David Vidal | Football | Sociology Major

“Director Rick Muthiah is the primary reason I am still attending George Fox. Not only did he lay out my scholastic foundation but he picked me up when I was struggling both on and off the field. He provided the tools for me to succeed in the classroom so I could have the opportunity to succeed on the field.”

Clayton Rajewich | Men’s Golf | Electrical Engineering Major

“First semester had its ups and downs as I tried to adapt to college life while juggling golf and engineering classes. Even though these classes were tough, Professor Neal Ninteman made sure to personally motivate me to give everything that I had and to have fun at the same time. Since Professor Ninteman is a coach he knew the tough task I had in front of me with athletics and engineering, but he reminded me several times that I had the ability and the time management to be excel as a student-athlete at George Fox.”

Sydney Maluenda | Women’s Golf | Psychology Major

“Associate Pastor of Christian Leadership Jamie Johnson has always helped me be true to who I am and how I want to serve others beyond my team.”

Christine Doherty | Lacrosse | Social Work Major

“Professor Cliff Rosenbohm has impacted my life in a variety of ways throughout my time at Fox. He was actually the first professor I met at school and influenced me to follow my path toward social work. With his sense of humor and passion for people, he influences me to be a better person. He has taken time out of his day to get coffee with me and discuss my plans for the future. Through making sure I am confident in myself and my dreams, he helps me to Be Known.”

Freddy E. Centeno | Men’s Soccer | Marketing Major

“From the start, Professor Dirk Barram has been someone who has helped me see the reality of the world that is waiting for us after college. He has challenged me to pay attention and control certain aspects of my life that I hadn’t give much thought to. Through his teachings on management, I was able to learn many new ways of really analyzing my personality and paying attention to my strengths and weaknesses. As a student-athlete, I have gained more motivation through Professor Barram to not give up and truly give it my all on the field and also in life, which includes school. I thank him for all the advice he gives me and for caring for people’s future, including mine.”

Morgan Bars | Women’s Soccer | Biology Major

“From Scholarship Weekend as a senior in high school Professor John Schmitt has embodied the Be Known promise for me. John has invested in not just my academic experience but my personal growth. He has helped me to understand my calling is more than my career, but also how I live out my identity in Christ in all aspects of my life.”


Alyssa Harris | Softball | Athletic Training Major

“Director Dana Bates is always checking in with me about how school is going as well as if there is anything that she can do to help me outside of school. When I am troubled or having a tough time, she always lifts me up in prayer and makes it clear to me that she wants me to “be known” not only here on our campus, but also to God.”

Andrew Dickson | Men’s Tennis | Youth Ministry Major

“Academic Success Coach Justin McCoy has helped me through thick and thin with problems regarding academics, athletics, spiritual life, as well as emotional situations. He’s always present and ready to help whenever we meet.”


Andrea Motley | Women’s Tennis | Mathematics Major

“Professor Todd Curtis always had a way of making school fun. I always looked forward to his class, and even though it was a big class, I did feel known and felt like he made an effort to get to know his students. He would always say hi to me around campus and ask me how tennis was going, even when I wasn’t in his class anymore. He was very understanding that I am a student-athlete and willing to work with me to succeed in both my academic and athletic careers.”

Ben Hortaleza | Men’s Track and Field | Electrical Engineering Major

“Ever since my freshman year, AC Bree Stairs has always been supportive of my accomplishments in track and field. Other than my parents, she is always cheering loudly at every meet she can make, and then ask about the other meets that she cannot make.”




Kayla Moore | Women’s Track and Field | Social Work Major

“Professor Erin Johnson makes time to talk with me outside of classes and have thoughtful discussions with me both about my education and things I am facing personally. She manages so many different students, and so many different stories, but I always feel listened to and understood when I talk to Erin.”

Acarey Rosa | Volleyball | Nursing Major

“Professor Stephanie Fisher is the type of professor who has high expectations for you and can push you to your limits, yet is kind, supportive and makes you feel loved and valued.”