Senior Night


On Saturday we’ll celebrate the leadership, the dedication, and the spectacular athletic performances of the senior athletes on our men’s soccer team, our women’s soccer team and our women’s volleyball team. For the past four years, these athletes have invested thousands of hours into their sports — training in the off-seasons combined with practices, games and travel during their seasons — so they can wear “Bruins” across their chest with pride. Saturday is our chance to tell them thank you for their hard work and to celebrate their four years as Bruin Athletes.

Women’s Soccer plays University of Puget Sound at 11:00 a.m. at the Austin Sports Complex.
Men’s Soccer plays Pacific University at 1:30 p.m. at the Austin Sports Complex.
Women’s Volleyball plays Linfield College at 7:00 p.m. at Miller Gymnasium.
Football will have their senior day on Nov. 14th against Willamette.


“Your teammates are your family for 4 years and are some of the closest friendships and bonds you will make in college. Cherish those moments
you get to have with them each day because not everyone gets to have the opportunity to play the sport they love with the people they love.”
Austin Fish, Men’s Soccer, Exercise Science Major


“Choose to be positive and find the bright side of things, as the way you react to a situation dictates your happiness and direction in life.”
Josh Scarth, Men’s Soccer, Mechanical Engineering Major

  “There’s no “I” in team. But there’s one in win.”
  Evan Cooney, Men’s Soccer, Math Major
“Play hard and have fun because we are blessed to be playing the game at the college level.”
 Angelo Florez, Men’s Soccer, Graphic Design Major
 “Make the effort to build relationships with your teammates.  You spend hours together and go through so much as a group. Having those friendships can make
a big difference on your collegiate athletic experience.  All of my closest friends are on this team, so thank you all for making this year my favorite season by far.”
  – Payton Shrum, Women’s Volleyball, Graphic Design Major
 “There are times when you don’t feel like running. Run anyway. There are days when everything sucks. Be positive anyway. There are moments when you
feel like giving up. Keep persevering anyway. Because it is in these times and days and moments when everything seems darkest that your belief and effort shine brightest.
It is not about ignoring your genuine feelings or emotions in the midst of pain, rather choosing to put the needs of others first and drawing on this power that is
so much greater than yourself. It is reminding yourself that it is “not about me” and seeking to serve no matter the circumstance.”
– Bryant Quinn, Cross Country, Health & Human Performance, English double major and Coaching minor.
“One of the main things I hope I have taught to the guys on the team is to strive for your dreams. Trust in God’s plan for you. Every stepping-stone in life
will bring new challenges. Walk with God in every step and have a positive attitude.”
– Tony Long, Football, Business Major
“Being a soccer player does not define you. Soccer is an opportunity to express your unique, God-given abilities and a way to develop your strengths. Don’t
lose sight of the big picture! Find ways to love God and to love each other on and off the soccer field, so that when college soccer
ends, you feel full rather than empty.”
 – Ally Swanson, Women’s Soccer, Biology Major

DSC_9113-X2“Take advantage of every minute you have in your college soccer experience. It goes by before you know it and I have had some of the best memories of my life
while playing soccer in college. Cherish the memories, the friendships, the laughs, and the tears , the hard work you invest, and the fun you have while playing this
sport. It is an experience you will take with you the rest of your life so take every opportunity to invest in it.”
Sarah Tuemmler, Women’s Soccer, Elementary Education MajorDSC_0753-X2
“Never settle, always strive for things higher than you even think possible because in the end  nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart into it.”
– Tenlee Holser, Women’s Soccer, Exercise Science Major

“Don’t take for granted the opportunity to play soccer at Fox because before you know it, it will be gone. Get absolutely everything you can out of it! Enjoy the little things and all the extra time invested because those are the times you will remember and so badly want back.”
– Ashley Richards, Women’s Soccer, Psychology Major

 “Always be yourself and never let anyone’s thoughts or opinions of you change who you are.”
– Jordyn Brenneman, Women’s Soccer, Athletic Training Major
“Running together is a gift, appreciate it, and appreciate each other. Your team is something special and rare. Not every student has a solid group of people who have seen you at your best, worst and weirdest.”
– Allie Harris, Cross Country, Graphic Design Major