Celebrating NCAA Division III Week: Why We Love D-III



Mikaela Easterlin | Lacrosse | HHPA: Physical Education Pre-Teaching

Since there are fewer student here compared to a DI or D-II school, it’s easier to build community outside of athletics. I love my team and they pull me through so many hard times, but I can also count on the friends I’ve made through work or classes. The athletic side to it is also nice because since we aren’t getting paid to play, everyone is in it for love of the sport. This builds tighter bonds and I have so much respect for D-III athletes.


Alex Betancourt | Football | Social Work Major

D-III is where you find the athletes who really love the sport. It has a BIG price tag to play so little games in a regular season. I think it takes a certain individual to play a sport and manage 12-18 credits in a semester term. I respect everyone who plays a sport because I know the grind, and it’s tough but it only makes us a better student and the work ethic we get out if it is not taught in the class room but on the playing field. I love the competition and the amount of work we put in to make us better.

Alex Betancourt


Derek Johnson | Baseball | Entrepreneurship

At the Division III level everyone knows you. Faculty and staff along with students care for you and support you in athletic events while also supporting you in the class room. It is nice to be on a small campus that is still competitive athletically and supports its teams.


Justine Benner | Basketball | Exercise Science

I love Division III athletics because of the importance it places on both growth in education and in athletics. The D-III experience is special because we aren’t athletes playing for scholarships, we are athletes who are dedicating our time and playing solely because we love the sports that we play.




Kacie Morgan | Soccer | Biblical Studies

I love D-III athletics because I am able to pursue my athletic and academic goals without feeling like I’m unable to give my full attention to one or the other. I love the sense of family that comes from being part of a team that is committed to loving like Jesus loved on and off the field. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Julia Apodaca | Softball | Elementary Education

Being at a D-III school has been a great journey for me, especially being an athlete. I have developed amazing relationships with my coaches and teammates because of that small and welcoming environment a D-III school creates. Following my dream of playing at a collegiate level is more than I could imagine. Although there are other people I know who went to a D-I or D-II school they won’t ever be able to experience the love and connection I have made with everyone on my team.