A Day in the Life of Ty Ward


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Those who know him say that Ty Ward, a sophomore at George Fox, has an infectious love of life, and that he seems to be friends with everyone he meets. He’s passionate about connecting with people and getting them involved on campus so everyone feels included.

Ty is a sophomore offensive lineman for the Bruin football team, but he broke his ankle during fall camp this year and has been sidelined ever since. What’s inspiring is how he’s flipped this script and taken advantage of this time away from the game, jumping into activities all over campus while he works on his rehabilitation. Here’s a sneak peek into a typical day in his life.

Ty Ward


Ty’s involvement off the football field as is impressive as his on-field achievements. As an English major, he found a way to put his writing skills to work by joining ASC as a writer for the George Fox yearbook, The Student Collective. He’s excited for what the rest of the year holds for The Student Collective, and loves telling stories about the students and events that make George Fox special.


He’s currently an area rep for HAW (Houses and Apartments West), where he does everything from planning events to budgeting for his area. Ty’s most recent contribution was co-organizing the famous helicopter-featured Bruin Brawl two weeks ago. “It’s a fun way to give back to our community,” Ty notes. “I love being part of something. I love planning and making fun things happen for our George Fox community.”

Although Ty is really involved at George Fox, he doesn’t stop there. His volunteer work has stretched as far back as high school where he helped out with the Special Olympics in his hometown of Kennewick, Washington. “Special Olympics have shown me that I really like working with special education kids,” he says. “I really have a special place in my heart for that.”



Just because Ty is injured this year doesn’t mean he’s not still an integral part of the football team. He gets an all-access pass by filming the end zone camera on the giant lift. He also helps record video at practices which the coaches and players watch afterward to prepare for their next opponent. And he’s working toward his comeback next season by spending time in the weight room now.

Ty hopes to become a teacher once he graduates from George Fox. Although he’s contemplating going into special education, more than anything he wants to be a high school English teacher. “I want to give back and be around that atmosphere. High school kids have the potential to make a really big impact,” he says.

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Ty makes a big impact himself with his kind-hearted approach to life and his passion to make a difference in the lives he crosses. He’s a true blue Bruin and we’re proud to cheer him on.