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A Film Critic Pastor-Theologian On the 2019 Oscars

People often ask me if being a film critic doing a PhD on cinema and theology takes all the fun out of watching movies. I can understand the sentiment. Film-watching is supposed to be an enjoyable diversion, an escape from reality for 90-120 minutes into an imagined world of drama and wonder. Won’t academic research […]

The World From a Porch Swing

In the anxiety of battle between good and evil, sensible compromise and sinful submission to worldly systems confronting me at my fingertips, I often retreat to my front porch swing for solace. Our little farm is surrounded by large filbert orchards on three sides. Those filberts, also known as hazelnuts, are typical of the industrial […]

Character counts!

In 1980, a critically acclaimed movie titled The Elephant Man hit the theaters. It told the story of John Merrick, a severely deformed person living in Victorian-era England.

What is truth?

Amy Wang is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post.[1] In the Post’s daily political weblog The Fix, Wang noted that in 2016, Oxford Dictionaries named “post-truth” as the “word of the year.”[2]

Jesus, our unblemished offering

Peter Leithart is the president of the Theopolis Institute[1] and blogs at First Things.[2] In his August 12, 2016, post titled, “A commendation of Leviticus,”[3] Leithart affirms the “moral import” of Leviticus. In particular, he notes that the book’s “ceremonies symbolize” its “moral teaching.” Furthermore, its “morality grows out of the liturgical habits it instills.”

The One Thing

In the 1991 western comedy, City Slickers, Mitch Robbins (played by Billy Crystal) meets a grizzled cowboy named Curly Washburn (played by Jack Palance). Mitch and his two pals are being led by Curly on a two-week cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado. Mitch hopes the excursion will give him a chance to find […]

Barf Bag Theology

EMIP: January Trip to Ethiopia

Reading the Scriptures in the Vernacular

By Dr. Leonard Sweet Christianity’s greatest preaching, its best preachers, are yet to come. My mission is to help you become one of them. Hence I have written one or two sermons a week, every week, ever since I was in my 20s. These were first published briefly in Pulpit Resources. Then I launched on […]

Advent Lament: Peace that Passes Understanding

They gazed upon the vast sky – each star tempting them with a glimpse of heaven – daring them to see past their doubt and into eternity. In the cool crisp air, they waited – waited in the stillness of the midnight sky – waited with a sense of wonder. God’s glory touched man – […]