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A Film Critic Pastor-Theologian On the 2019 Oscars

People often ask me if being a film critic doing a PhD on cinema and theology takes all the fun out of watching movies. I can understand the sentiment. Film-watching is supposed to be an enjoyable diversion, an escape from reality for 90-120 minutes into an imagined world of drama and wonder. Won’t academic research […]

Eight Days on The Camino

By Sierra Neiman Westbrook “I’m lost.” Susan Anquist remembers admitting this on the fifth day of her journey on the Camino de Santiago. Anquist, a recent Portland Seminary student who graduated with an MA in Spiritual Formation, says pilgrimage has long been an apt metaphor for how she views her journey with God. When Anquist […]

DMin Alumni Put Seminary Training into Practice

 At the end of August 2018, Drs. Jody Becker (LSF, 2017) and Scott Ness (SFS, 2014) traveled to Ethiopia for a preaching and teaching tour with the director of Missions for the North American Lutheran Church, Dr. Gemechis Buba. While visiting in Sashemene, they taught and trained teachers of LeadStar International Academy, a thriving K-12 […]

Alumnus Kevin Wade Dispenses Wisdom to the Next Generation

Kevin Wade, DMin class of 2018, has had a very busy spring. Not only did he graduate from Dr. Sweet’s “Preaching as Story” Doctor of Ministry program and took a job as senior pastor at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan, he also released his seventh book: A Daughter’s Book of Secrets: Things a […]

The Art & Science of Growing a Ministry

When giant timber bamboo grows, it will rise out of the earth an astounding 90 feet in only 60 days, but only after three years of first patiently watering…dirt. This was a fact passed onto the students of our Summer Leadership Studio by the imitable Ben Sand, CEO of Portland Leadership Foundation and our instructor […]

The Right Not to Bear Arms

I have owned at least one firearm for nearly fifty years, since I bought my first gun, a .22 single shot Ithaca rifle from the Sears catalog in 1968, at age 11 (yes, you could get mail-order guns in those days). We lived on a farm, so there were places I could shoot it safely. […]

The World From a Porch Swing

In the anxiety of battle between good and evil, sensible compromise and sinful submission to worldly systems confronting me at my fingertips, I often retreat to my front porch swing for solace. Our little farm is surrounded by large filbert orchards on three sides. Those filberts, also known as hazelnuts, are typical of the industrial […]

Doctor of Ministry D School program and dissertation redesign dream session 2018

A group of faculty, administrators, alumni, and current DMin students gathered to redesign the DMin dissertation process at Portland Seminary.

Leadership and Spiritual Formation Cohort 3 Fall 2017 Retreat

Portland Seminary Bridge Week 2017