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Advent Lament: Grieving at Christmas

Although I have been thinking about writing this post for some time, it has been hard to form the words that would adequately express my thoughts and feelings. My mom passed away on November 8th. It is difficult to describe what the journey of the last two and half years has been since she began […]

Advent Lament: You Don’t Have to Pretend This Advent

by Bo Sanders In light of global current events, we are launching a series at The Seminary Blog titled Advent Lament for this Christmas season. What is the place of lament in “the most wonderful time of the year”? We are holding these in tension: Joy and sorrow. Hope and despair. Arrival and displacement. Welcome to our Advent […]

Remembering Those On the Other Side of the Thanksgiving Table

What role does Thanksgiving play in our lives and our faith? When we think about the meeting of the first pilgrims and Indians, we usually connect vicariously to one side of that old Plymouth encounter, mysteriously linking our faith journey to the early pilgrims’ faith journey. But what about those long-ago Indians? Is there a […]

Journey With Us

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