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The Lenten Journey: Pentecostal Lent

Though I am part of the Foursquare denomination now, I grew up in the Lutheran church. It’s a pretty big switch going from a very liturgical setting to a pentecostal one. While I love the way the Spirit keeps surprising me in this new denomination, there are times when I miss the liturgy of my […]

The Lenten Journey: A Lenten Poem

Mercredi des Cendres Before they are smeared on my head, I feel the swirling, like the storm on the screen, in my chest. The isolated weather prediction with indistinct parameters.

Things Divine

My time at GFES has taught me many things. One of the most important is the beauty of things Divine; Divine dreams, invitations, and victories. Truly, some things can only come from above. Last year, I had this crazy dream of celebrating my 45th birthday while participating in the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

Serve for Goodness Sake

What clearing blackberry brambles on MLK Day taught me about my neighbors—and myself.

Barf Bag Theology

How Positivity Made One Man the Most Successful Soccer Coach in History

Sir Alex Ferguson is the famed soccer coach (football coach to the rest of the world) of Manchester United. He is one of the most successful and longest serving managers in football, coaching over a quarter of a century – 26 years to be exact – and winning 38 trophies. No one holds a candle to his track […]

Stop Everything and Do This for Success in 2016

When you’ve had success, what did you do? When I look back at most of the significant successes I’ve had in life, I’ve discovered there’s a secret to the success. It’s likely something all of us have done every single time we’ve had a major win. You didn’t stumble on it and it wasn’t an […]

Advent Lament: Peace that Passes Understanding

They gazed upon the vast sky – each star tempting them with a glimpse of heaven – daring them to see past their doubt and into eternity. In the cool crisp air, they waited – waited in the stillness of the midnight sky – waited with a sense of wonder. God’s glory touched man – […]

He holds all things together

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Hay and Straw

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