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Eight Days on The Camino

By Sierra Neiman Westbrook “I’m lost.” Susan Anquist remembers admitting this on the fifth day of her journey on the Camino de Santiago. Anquist, a recent Portland Seminary student who graduated with an MA in Spiritual Formation, says pilgrimage has long been an apt metaphor for how she views her journey with God. When Anquist […]


Prayer is not a natural or easy thing for me. As a mild extrovert, the conventional ways of conversing with God (eyes closed, hands folded, mouth shut) have never appealed to me. I’m a verbal processor, and praying in my head easily morphs into daydreaming or some other form of distraction. So many good books […]

Desperation that Leads to Life

Living into the New

The Lenten Journey: When Easter Came Too Soon

It sounds strange to many, but I have always loved the liturgical season of Lent. I grew up in a devout, pietistic home, and I’m grateful for it. Our regular practice of family devotions after dinner took on special meaning during Lent. On Wednesdays, before Lenten services at the Lutheran church where my father was […]

Why spend your labor on that which does not satisfy

Welcoming our Thirsts

The Lenten Journey: The Whole Ball of Wax

I grew up in Ballard First Lutheran Church; a beautiful old Scandinavian church in Seattle. I have memories playing tag in the halls, being an acolyte and lighting the same alter candles that are they today. In fact, I was confirmed in that church, grew up in the youth group, had sleepovers where we played in the sanctuary […]

Our overstuffed lives

Ordinary Delight