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Prayer is not a natural or easy thing for me. As a mild extrovert, the conventional ways of conversing with God (eyes closed, hands folded, mouth shut) have never appealed to me. I’m a verbal processor, and praying in my head easily morphs into daydreaming or some other form of distraction. So many good books […]

A Weary Traveler’s Confession and Reflection: The Story our ‘Bodies’ Tell

A couple of months ago I was sitting on an airplane into the 21st hour of what was supposed to be an 8 hour trip, making a confession to myself. The evening before we weary 170+ passengers had finally debarked in Seattle – not Portland where we were supposed to land, but couldn’t because of weather. […]

DMINLSF1 Fall ’15 Retreat: Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cohort One of our newly revised Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual formation cohort just returned home from their first retreat in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Directed by MaryKate Morse, the lead mentor for the program, the students spent a week together at the Oregon Coast learning to practice the art of spiritual formation in themselves […]