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The Lenten Journey: The Whole Ball of Wax

I grew up in Ballard First Lutheran Church; a beautiful old Scandinavian church in Seattle. I have memories playing tag in the halls, being an acolyte and lighting the same alter candles that are they today. In fact, I was confirmed in that church, grew up in the youth group, had sleepovers where we played in the sanctuary […]

The Lenten Journey: “Christ Came”

Each Facebook status declares our abstinence – bearing the glamour of false pride and modern spirituality. We sit around and stare at blank screens – scrolling through the list of piety – measuring our choices against others. Are we fasting enough? Are we looking holy enough?

The Lenten Journey: Grieving during Lent

This year as the season of Lent begins, I am recognizing anew its significance. I grew up in a tradition where Lent was not highlighted and over the past few years it has become more meaningful.

The Lenten Journey: Pentecostal Lent

Though I am part of the Foursquare denomination now, I grew up in the Lutheran church. It’s a pretty big switch going from a very liturgical setting to a pentecostal one. While I love the way the Spirit keeps surprising me in this new denomination, there are times when I miss the liturgy of my […]

The Lenten Journey: A Lenten Poem

Mercredi des Cendres Before they are smeared on my head, I feel the swirling, like the storm on the screen, in my chest. The isolated weather prediction with indistinct parameters.

The Lenten Journey: The Origin of Lent and the Humility of Roots

Roots are, historically, perhaps the most humble of God’s creations on earth. They require neither acknowledgment nor praise. Their reward is reaped when the living stand upon them and reach for the fruit the roots made possible. Such is the story of Lent.

Embracing our Dust

The Lenten Journey: Pilgrim vs. Tourist

With the season of Lent beginning this week, we are starting a new series called The Lenten Journey. Over the next 40 days we will be providing resources that will encourage and accompany you in the weeks leading up to Easter. May you find greater peace with less this season. An excerpt from unhurryUp! into […]