Stop Everything and Do This for Success in 2016

When you’ve had success, what did you do? When I look back at most of the significant successes I’ve had in life, I’ve discovered there’s a secret to the success. It’s likely something all of us have done every single time we’ve had a major win. You didn’t stumble on it and it wasn’t an accident.

I didn’t just decide I wanted to be an author and write a book one day. It didn’t magically appear. What did I do? I engaged one of the most powerful tools at my disposal as a human being. The people who have mastered this tool are the happiest and most successful people on our planet. They create their dreams and get to see them become reality. That tool is the power of vision. Vision is a source of hope, it tells us the impossible is possible, and when we focus on our vision we have the ability to completely transform our lives. And the best news is that we can cultivate and grow this gift.

I’ve created a 7 Step Process to Be Your Best in 2016 that will help you get the results you desire out of the next few months of this new year. Obviously, there are many factors to setting goals and achieving them. One of the most neglected factors is this – You will not be successful in achieving goals until you develop a positive mind. Negativity will kill every goal and every creative bone in your body. You have to learn how get rid of the negative patterns and replace them with positive ones. That’s one of the reasons I created my site. Positivity is your gateway to a new life, new relationships, loving yourself, and achieving your goals.

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As a family, we all sat down and went over this 7 Step Process together. It was fascinating to see my kids come alive with their visions and ideas for who they want to be and what they want to accomplish. Try this with your kids and see what happens. You can walk them through it verbally or have them spend more time thinking through it by writing the answers and then sharing together. For you, I strongly suggest you print these questions out and spend some thoughtful, reflective time answering them. Then – and this is key – keep these goals in front of you every day. Make sure you put them in a place where you have to see them. Write down the steps you are taking towards the realization of each of your dreams. I’ve tried to make this a simple list you can expand on. Focus is the key here as Daniel Goleman says in his book, Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence, “For leaders to get results they need all three kinds of focus. Inner focus attunes us to our intuitions, guiding values, and better decisions. Other focus smooths our connections to the people in our lives. And outer focus lets us navigate in the larger world.”

I promise you, if you take this process seriously, it has incredible power to help you (1) dream, (2) focus and (3) achieve what you want to get out of this year.

How to Be Your Best in 2016

Remembering your success is the greatest way to repeat more successes in this coming year. This quick and easy guide will help you.

7 Step Process – For creating an amazing year

(1) Get vision. What were the ‘magic moments’ of 2015? What did you accomplish in 2015? What decision (or decisions) did you make that contributed to major change and created positivity in your life?

(2) Get clear. Write down as many things that are in your life today that use to be goals. Is there someone in your life today you didn’t think would be there? Did you accomplish something you didn’t think you could do? If you can dream about anything, you can make it real! You simply need to show yourself you’ve already done it. I’ve always dreamed.…and now I have it. How did you do that? What was the dream that is now a reality? (The key here is to find this pattern of success. If you can discover what you did to accomplish your last success, you can utilize the same pattern to create your next success).

(3) Get excited. Energy is the force that makes life work. There is power and energy inside of you – God put it there. Let go of your fear to get your hope engaged. Take ten minutes to write down everything you want to do, to master, to help people, your own personal development, your spiritual life, a book, a trip, what do you want to see or share and commit to? Write as fast as you can without thinking. Allow yourself to dream.

(4) Get focused. Now, circle all of you top goals. Which of these will I achieve in 3 months? 1 year? 3 years? What are the top (3) one year goals, I will achieve? What will get me up early and keep me up late? Then write a paragraph as to why this is a must for you. Reasons come first, answers come second.

(5) Get committed. Now that you are focused on these (3) goals, schedule some action. The big question is, “What do you need to do right away to move toward these goals?” Never, never, never leave the place of making a new decision without taking some action towards what you’ve decided. People make goals and never look at them again. When you are focusing on this make a decision and it will take on a life of its own! You are now creating a process to help you attain this goal. Continue to write at least (4) action steps you will take for each goal.

(6) Get momentum. What’s the hardest part of working out? Getting to the gym. The first step is the hardest. Think of (1) of your goals: what’s one of the most important thing you want to accomplish in 2016? What will give you more joy, and how can you give more to the people you love? Change happens in the blink of an eye. The second you say, “That’s it, I’m doing it. I’m completely out of shape, I’m going to walk for 30 minutes.” You don’t need to wait for the right shoes, or the right time, it’s now! What’s (1) small thing you can do to make a step toward your goals? If you were serious about changing something, if you were committed to changing your career, or time off, what’s the first big step that would commit you? Now do it!

(7) Get smart. Make sure you follow through. Do something immediately. Set up a system of measurement. Do (1) thing every day to get closer to your goals and write them down. You have to be able measure yourself. You can’t manage something you can’t measure. Find an accountability partner or keep your goals in front of you every single day. Follow up gives you the edge you need to do your absolute best.

Here’s to your the best year of your entire life!!! This is just the first step. I’ll be here for you in 2016 with the most researched and proven life-strategies to help you succeed at every area in life. Many blessings to you as you start an incredible year!

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